Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gluten-Free Thanksgiving 2012: This year’s menu!

All hail the one holiday that is purely about food!

I find myself repeating the same dishes for Thanksgiving, mainly because I don’t get to eat them any other time of the year. This year, it seems like Thanksgiving came so quickly with little time to plan, but I’m going to try to fit a couple new and “new” items onto the menu this year.


A Gluten-Free Thanksgiving

* Starred items are those which can be made the night before (thankfully).

For Dinner:
  • Roast Turkey (last year I used Jennie-Os Oven Ready Turkey, and it was really good and super easy)
  • Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes
  • Sweet Potato Casserole *
  • Steamed and Sautéed Green Beans
  • Canned Cranberry Sauce, a new way (since everyone seems to like the canned version more than the homemade, I’m tweaking it a bit) *
  • Gluten-Free Dinner Rolls *
  • Gravy (Secret: use Mandarin Orange juice for a tang)
For Dessert:
  • Pecan Pie *
  • Apple-Cranberry Pie *
  • Dairy-free whipped topping
I can’t remember the last time I made an apple pie, and I’m quite excited to try one with cranberries. There’s no pumpkin pie, but the sweet potato casserole makes up for it.

This year the oven in our apartment is tiny (think 1960s), so I’m a bit concerned about a turkey fitting. The oven itself also has a habit of getting way too hot with no logic to it, so I fear I will be checking in on the oven thermometer religiously (do you have a temp gauge for your oven and fridge? If not, I recommend getting one asap – so important!).

Definitely a “make it work” moment, folks.


  1. Great stuff. What GF dinner rolls do you get?

  2. There's always the ones you can find at whole foods (my experience is that the "English muffins" have the most roll-like texture) but I think this year I am going to adapt a biscuit recipe or attempt something yeasty. The ultimate goal, of course, would be to create a gluten-free crescent roll. :)