I'm Natalie, and I live a gluten-free life.

My philosophy is simple: I bake and cook without gluten or dairy, and try to live without  - without going crazy. I am not a a vegan, though I do use vegan recipes occasionally, and I try to create recipes with easy-to-find ingredients. I eat dairy, probably more than I should really, but don't use it at home. For more background about me, click here.

I strive to adapt recipes using the fewest substitutions, and to make them as healthy and delicious as possible. Call it culinary trompe l'oeil: looks like gluten, tastes like gluten, but there's none to be found!
Obligatory disclaimer:I am not a registered doctor, dietitian, or chef. I work in education and I have a Master's degree in English; if you need "certified" advice in grammar usage, that I can do.
The products I review will always be gluten-free, but may have dairy or other allergens. Always read labels.

For questions, comments, or information, please email Natalie at
I would also love to review your product; please send me an email or use the form below.
Here's to happy, healthy eating!

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